A Travel Horror Story (Contributor: Mike Stratford)

When living in Harrow I would travel up to watch City on a Saturday some times with
"Greg" Peck the first chairman of Capital Canaries. This would be in about 1975 in
the days of frozen carriage windows and pitches. My wife would type the newsletter
after CC was formed. After moving to Gloucester travel in one day was not so easy. 

In order to get back to Gloucester the same day meant I would have to leave before the
end of the match.So a few seasons ago I decided to stay overnight in Norwich and
travel back on the Sunday. This turned out to be a bad decision. On arrival at
Thorpe Station was told engineering work meant getting out at Colchester and
catching a coach to London.

Once on the coach the driver said I usually drive a JCB does anyone know the way to Liverpool Street?As I was sitting in the front I advised
him head for the city via A10, M25 and into town.We arrived at Liverpool Street
eventually then I had to get to Paddington to catch a train to Gloucester which
meant changing at Swindon. 

Arriving at Swindon the four of us wanting the Gloucester train were told "A replacement bus service is on today" not again!Driving out of
Swindon things did not look good, the driver had a map on his steering wheel. Then
he announced, "what is the next station we need to stop at?" This was Kemble which
all four of us directed him to in the dark.We arrived at Gloucester at 01.15am what

The moral of the story is let the train take the strain but "Never on a Sunday."